Hi, I’m Annie Thrope, but my friends call me Missy. I’ve been hearing all this stuff about climate change, so I thought I’d educate myself about it. Seems the so-called climate skeptics are a bunch of lying crooks, and most of the people telling us we need to stop global warming are parasites and hypocrites (flying to all those meetings to agree not to do anything, again – sheesh). The proper experts (and I mean the scientists, not all those policy windbags) are basically saying we can’t stop it now anyway, and the politicians sure as hell aren’t doing anything about it. So it looks like we’ll have to live with it. This blog is just here to tell it like it is (at least as I see it), and give a different perspective. We’re stuck with climate change change, and we’re committed to capitalism, so let’s see where that gets us.


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